• Hybrid Open Top Container

    Roof bows can be moved horizontally and vertically on top side rail. So, no need to detach and assemble roof bows of Hybrid Open...

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  • Sliding Open Side Container

    Sliding Open Side Container is compatible for all modes of shipping, trucking, railway, warehouse, workshop, etc.

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  • Sliding Door

    The design of “Sliding Door” itself can protect cargo theft. People should remove customs seal first to open the door in any...

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  • Sliding Open Side Truck & Trailer

    Sliding Open Side Truck is much easier to operate and its M&R cost is much lower than Curtainside & Wingbody truck.

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  • Hybrid Hanger Container

    No need to detach and assemble hanger bars of Hybrid Hanger Container in any cases. It is quite convenient to operate, and...

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We have the patents for several products including, Sliding Door, Sliding Open Side Container, 
Sliding Open Side Truck, Hybrid Open Top & Hanger Container and provide them to shipping, 
logistics, railway, warehouse companies, etc.

To meet the various request from the customers all over the world, we also have production 
licensees in several countries and it makes us possible provide quality products & top-notch 
services at very reasonable price.


Our specialists are the best choice to customise the container & equipment for many diverse 
applications and provide you with all kinds of top-notch services.


We also lease & sell the following products.